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Design Accessories for Your Dog

Hound bridges two different worlds – world of fashion and world of dogs.  It takes the best out of both and blends it together to create unique experience.

It is a brand offering stylish dog accessories for the most demanding customers. The products were created for the dog owners to help them match their own style with the accessories for their dog. Our customers place an emphasis on their choice of clothing, shoes or accessories; therefore they love to match their distinctive look with something unique for their pooch. Our goal is to offer high quality products in wide variety of colours enabling everyone to represent their dog the way they represent themselves.

All products are handmade in Slovakia. The country is known for a long tradition in craftsmanship and we strive to continue in that tradition. All components are supplied exclusively by local suppliers. Sourcing locally, we make sure that the environment is affected in the least possible way.

Natural leather, vegan leather, cotton and flax are the primary materials we use to produce Hound products. They are carefully made by hand to withstand the move of hundreds of pounds.

Each product is carefully crafted, hand-dyed thus unique and marked with a brass sign, patch ‘hound’ or brass letter H with engraved ‘hound’ name.